Friday, May 20, 2016

Bad Relationship

You should never allow a bad relationship to diminish your confidence and self esteem, understanding that your value is far greater than the way that person might have appreciated you. Oftentimes when relationships goes sour, negative conversations often destroys a person confidence leaving them with doubts about how important and valuable they are. But there is confidence in knowing that God loves you, and appreciate you. He made you a beautiful choice, and just because things failed in one relationship, doesn't mean that's the end of the road for your happiness. You are are indeed an extraordinary person and you should never allow anyone to diminish your value. Walk away from that bad situation knowing that it's their loss and not yours. Keep your faith in God, and allow Him to heal your heart to victory!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Elements Of A Dead Place

At some point on our journey in life, we will all be tested by certain situations and certain people, but there's no test greater than when you've encountered the elements of a Dead Place. A place filled with lies, darkness, deceitfulness, and gossip. A place where there's never any peace, because no matter how often you strive to do right, the elements around you are constantly working against you, always plotting to discredit the character of who you are. It's important to understand that Jesus has always been about love and unity, for there is no dignity amongst those who walk in false innocence, and unrighteous judgement of others.  It's important to understand the righteousness of God's word at all times, being cautious never to subject yourself or your family to an environment of hidden darkness, where people often sounds like God on the outside, but operate like the devil behind the scene. These types of people creates the kind of environment that promotes nothing but confusion, lies, deceitfulness, and discord. That's the elements of a "Dead Place" which harbors very little growth, and constantly strips you of your peace.  Vist My Website Today!

Monday, September 14, 2015

It's Time For Unity

As Christians, we can no longer sit idle and allow the world to dictate how we set standards for our lives and communities. We must continue to structure the Church as Jesus has instructed us, and that requires strong unselfish leadership capable of operating beyond their own selfishness. We have to focus on being productive leaders, reaching out to our communities, rooting out the wicket, saving souls, and becoming the type of resources that assures that God's people are taken care of with love and compassion which usually don't happen from the world. Rest assure my brothers and sisters in Christ, none of this will every be possible unless we unify and get beyond this war amongst ourselves. Visit My Website Today!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Question Is . . . Who's Fault Is It?

It's often very convenient to blame others when people suddenly find it necessary to vacate your presence. One thing you must always remember, accountability has to start with you the individual, constantly evaluating your attitude to ensure that you're not the core of the problem. There are often very good warning signs to assist you in finding out who's fault it really is such as; If you find yourself constantly talking about people behind their backs to others . . . who’s fault is it? If everything around you suddenly starts falling apart, because you continue to neglect your responsibilities . . . who’s fault is it? If suddenly the people that once loved you, no longer deals with you because you’re too unpredictable and too unstable . . . who’s fault is it? Now if by any chance any of this pertain to you, I got one question to ask you . . . Who’s fault is it?  Visit My Website Today

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Seeing Past Our Differences

It often becomes a challenge to get beyond offenses when we do not discipline our flesh and submit ourselves according to God's wisdom. Let's face it, we cannot truthfully walk in love, unless we learn to forgive swiftly. If we do not forgive swiftly, then we will never be able to find common ground in getting past offenses. We cannot claim to be a lover of all people, and not have forgiveness in our hearts. The word clearly states in Mark 11:25 "If you hold anything against anyone forgive him so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins". God didn't make exceptions for any of us. We cannot continue to manipulate scriptures to justify our ignorance, but we must use sound judgement about how we deal with offenses, so that our actions do not provoke others to act like us. #ForgivenessAndLove!!!   Visit My Website Today

The Supreme Court Decision On Marriage Equality

For countless amount of years we've seen same gender loving people operate freely in the church as if there was nothing wrong with it. From the praise teams, to the musicians, the choir, usher board, and even the pulpit itself, but rarely anyone did anything to address the situation. Quite frankly, lately it seems as if the church has difficulties addressing certain ungodly lifestyles in order to not risk losing some of its congregation. Now it seems that people are all upset because the Supreme Court has given same gender loving people a right and freedom to marry one another. Did you really expect the world to regulate a sin in which we ourselves as Christians has tolerated amongst ourselves? The world system believes in marriage equality for all no matter what gender you choose, but we are not of this world, we are in this world, therefore we cannot continue to have blind eyes to certain sin because of its sensitive nature and then cry wolf when it becomes an acceptable norm. We have to set the example through our teachings. People do have a right to live their life on earth however they choose, we have no authority to violate that, but we do have an obligation as representatives of God's Kingdom to teach and speak against anything that goes against the foundation of His righteousness. Let's face it, the world system is not the only one responsible for this decision.   Visit My Website Today

Monday, June 22, 2015

It's Time To Refocus

We cannot continue to claim to be Christians and constantly war against one another. It becomes a sad day when the church becomes the place to air out ones differences. Where is God in the mist of confusion when your opinions extract offense from your brother? Are we not shamed as Christians? Fool yourself not, because no one wins in such warfare, we tarnish the very position we are obligated through His righteousness to uphold. As Christians we are held at a higher standard, and must always show restraint in the mist of adversity. We must sacrifice our fleshly nature and revert back to His words for instructions. We cannot claim to be holy when things are going good, but through separation and disagreements we act like untrained thugs who have no respect of Kingdom requirements. Life is too short and there's work to be done. It's time to refocus saints!!!!  Visit My Website Today